October 10, 2016

October 2016 IHSW and Hurricane Matthew

I'm going to try and knock this out before starting my day in earnest. We have another one of those weird 3rd weekends this month since the 1st fell on a Saturday, but hey..... why not have an IHSW this weekend and then if we feel like it, another one next weekend? ;)

Last week was a worrisome one for us here in South Florida with the projection path of Hurricane Matthew. Hubby filled up the gas tank way ahead of time which was a good thing, as the lines were crazy long the day before Matthew was due to hit and gas stations were running out of gas. On Tuesday, I stopped to pick up some bottles of water, just in case, and the shelves were near empty. Wednesday brought about more dire news as Matthew made landfall in Haiti and the devastation was just unimaginable. My biz partner and I closed the office early but since we weren't expecting rains till Thursday, I went to teach as usual and came home to an indoor a tropical jungle cos hubby had moved all the plants and furniture in from the patio and balcony.

Even though we are about 20 miles inland, Matthew was projected to be a Category 4 hurricane if it hits, we're looking at major damage. I remember the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma in 2005. We were without power for a week and took years to rebuild. I remember seeing trees flowering 3-4 years after Wilma and thought how great it was to see colors again.

We are so fortunate that Matthew veered slightly NE on its path and missed us. We had small bands of rain and some tropical storm winds early Friday morning but that was the worst of it. Power stayed on and everything was a'ok. I told my mom that God answered her prayers totally and unequivocally. My heart broke seeing all the destruction Matthew left in its wake from Haiti to the Carolinas and is so full of gratitude that life goes on as normal for us here in SFL.

One would think that with an unexpected 4-day weekend that I got a lot of stitching done but nope. Other than my scheduled weekend lessons, we washed the floors and moved everything back outdoors, did some cleaning, and then just pretty much bummed around.

So, for IHSW this weekend, I hope to make some kinda dent on Yexian... what about you?