December 14, 2016

December 2016 IHSW

Hi darlings!! Sorry in advance for the quick post as I'm posting this on the fly. THANK YOU, Carolyn, for the reminder!!

I know it's a crazy busy time for everyone at the time of the year... so let's hope that we can squirrel some stitching time for ourselves. I'll try to get some in but this is shaping up to be an incredibly busy weekend with friends and shows.

I'm still at it with Yexian. How about you? :D

Will definitely try and do a catch up post before year end.

October 10, 2016

October 2016 IHSW and Hurricane Matthew

I'm going to try and knock this out before starting my day in earnest. We have another one of those weird 3rd weekends this month since the 1st fell on a Saturday, but hey..... why not have an IHSW this weekend and then if we feel like it, another one next weekend? ;)

Last week was a worrisome one for us here in South Florida with the projection path of Hurricane Matthew. Hubby filled up the gas tank way ahead of time which was a good thing, as the lines were crazy long the day before Matthew was due to hit and gas stations were running out of gas. On Tuesday, I stopped to pick up some bottles of water, just in case, and the shelves were near empty. Wednesday brought about more dire news as Matthew made landfall in Haiti and the devastation was just unimaginable. My biz partner and I closed the office early but since we weren't expecting rains till Thursday, I went to teach as usual and came home to an indoor a tropical jungle cos hubby had moved all the plants and furniture in from the patio and balcony.

Even though we are about 20 miles inland, Matthew was projected to be a Category 4 hurricane if it hits, we're looking at major damage. I remember the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma in 2005. We were without power for a week and took years to rebuild. I remember seeing trees flowering 3-4 years after Wilma and thought how great it was to see colors again.

We are so fortunate that Matthew veered slightly NE on its path and missed us. We had small bands of rain and some tropical storm winds early Friday morning but that was the worst of it. Power stayed on and everything was a'ok. I told my mom that God answered her prayers totally and unequivocally. My heart broke seeing all the destruction Matthew left in its wake from Haiti to the Carolinas and is so full of gratitude that life goes on as normal for us here in SFL.

One would think that with an unexpected 4-day weekend that I got a lot of stitching done but nope. Other than my scheduled weekend lessons, we washed the floors and moved everything back outdoors, did some cleaning, and then just pretty much bummed around.

So, for IHSW this weekend, I hope to make some kinda dent on Yexian... what about you?

September 21, 2016

September IHSW Report

Well, this IHSW was kind of a bust for me. I stitched, but not as much as I had anticipated and there's nothing much to show for it except one color of yellow. :S

Yexian Stephanie Pui-Mun Law HAED

Saturday itself was somewhat ordinary. The usual laundry and chores and then we went to my cousin's for a small gathering for Mid-Autumn Festival and well... fooooooooood! LOL

One of my dearest friends, Heidi, is an amazing artist and for my birthday every year, she draws me something. After the 2nd year, we lovingly call where we hang her art our "Heidi Wall." Its previous home was the left wall next to our bar and the only way you can see it is if you're at the bar or dining area and we hardly eat at the dining table. I'm keeping mum about the drinking... LOL! So, on Sunday, we decided to move our "Heidi Wall."


After: View from the front door

Close-up of artwork

Wasn't too kicked about how the curtains are hanging on the sides but having lived with it for a few days now, we're loving the 'framing' effect of them. I've been complaining to Heidi about how the bottom 2 cats (my faves; hubby loves the birds) look dark in that area and she said she'll draw me something brighter on the bottom to make that a grouping of 5. But after more complaining, she read my mind and decided that I should have a 2nd "Heidi Wall!!!" HELL YEAAAAAAH! SCORE!!!!

September 14, 2016

IHSW September 2016

Oops, this one almost ran away from me. I've been doing pretty good with stitching except for the one weekend where we played Diablo 3 to get a stash tab---for a game that we seldom play. But hey... if we ever play it again, we might need the space to store items. LOL.

I haven't ventured into the rotation world. I honestly don't know if I could. The wolf have been calling and I went as far as to make sure that I have a piece of fabric being enough for him. Yexian has been going full steam ahead, well as steamy as it can go at 25ct. ;) I stitched so much last weekend that the muscle on my right thumb (the one that's located in the space between the joint and the wrist) ached and I had to put tiger balm on it. LOLOL!!!!

Whelp.... more Yexian in my horizon. What about you?

August 16, 2016

IHSW August 2016

OK!! Got my timing right this week... albeit a day late. Hehe. It's IHSW time, *whoop whoop* though it's shaping up to be somewhat of a busy weekend for us. Two birthday celebrations upcoming: Friday after work, we'll be heading to Jupiter, FL for my friend Novia's youngest birthday dinner. He's turning 6.  Then Saturday afternoon will be taken up with my cousin's youngest's birthday party. He's turning 5. How time flies!!

Speaking of Novia (my sister from another set of parents), she came for a visit with her mom and 2 boys. I can't believe that it has been more than 10 years since we met online. *cue 'how time flies' statement* We sure have gotten into a lot of stitching and planning adventures, along with EK (our sister from yet another set of parents, LOL!), in all that time. *won't mention the trouble they've gotten into and had fun with every single one of those* Here's to many more 10-year increments, my sisters!

OK... so, I did NOT expect all the cheers and encouragement for me to start a rotation of Yexian and Wolfie. The whole objective was for y'all to discourage me. Please tell me none of you broke out the champagne. HAHAHAHA!!! (I haven't succumbed though... so Catherine, there might still be hope for us OAAT'ers. Hehehe.)

Back to the subject matter at hand though, this is what Yexian looks like right now. The objective is to finish the current color and get started on the lotus flower.

Yexian, IHSW, HAED, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law,

August 12, 2016

I've been naughty...

So, y'all know I'm not a stasher, right? And y'all know I'm an OAAT'er, right? The latter also means that I don't rotate projects, right?

Weeeeeeell, it could all possibly (note the operative word there) come to an end. Why do I think I'm hearing cheers and laughter at this point?... *glance around suspiciously*

Ok see, the thing is, hubby loves wolves and loving wife that I am, I'm always browsing and planning for the next wolf project. I mean, I stitched him Mates a loooooong time ago, but I'm sure y'all agree with me that one is just NOT enough, right?

So a few nights ago, my busybody planning self was browsing on Tilton Crafts and what do you know??!!! Shelley is having a SALE!! And then, be still my beating heart, I found the perfect wolf chart. Of course, I had to show it to hubby (since this will technically be for him) and his face broke out into a great big smile. Now, let me ask you, which loving wife would've been able to resist not purchasing it to make her hubby happy. Now, WE (LOL) are the happy owner of this beautiful chart.

In the Moonlight Charted Tilton Crafts  Cindy Grundsten
In the Moonlight
Charted by Tilton Crafts
Artwork by Cindy Grundsten

Which takes me to my rotation comment. Whilst Yexian is blobbing along quite well, we've also started playing Diablo 3 again (ugh, I know... don't say it). And now, with "In the Moonlight" howling my name, what's a girl to do with only 24 hours a day but contemplate rotation? *gasp* I must say though, just the thought of that is giving me heart palpitations.

Meantime, since Tilton Crafts is still having a fabulous sale, maybe you'd like to join me in my madness. Let me know what you find. :D You can use these coupons on both the WEBSITE as well as the ETSY STORE.
25% OFF cross stitch charts - Coupon Code: STITCH
10% OFF Fabrics and Floss - Coupon Code: FABULOUS
Expires Sunday Aug 14th at 11:59pm (Central US Time)

August 8, 2016

Yexian Update

Well, I had my dates mixed up and thought that it was IHSW sign up time. Must really want Labor Day Weekend to get here soon. ;) Since I took a current Yexian WIP in preparation for the IHSW post, I figured why not show more blobs? This is what about 12,500 stitches look like.

Yexian Stephanie Pui-Mun Law HAED

For fun, I decided to lay this side by side with the full picture. Lordy, I have a loooooooooong way to go.

Yexian Stephanie Pui-Mun Law HAED

July 19, 2016

IHSW July 2016 Report

So I didn't too great hermitting this past weekend. Can't even really report on anything exciting that I did instead of stitching. Though, I vaguely remember some lounging, chores, lounging, browsing for random charts, lounging, groceries, loung.... you get the idea. LOL!

Why is it that time flies by so quickly on weekends but draaaaag its ass along during the week? Why do long holiday weekends never come soon enough? Why are there so many beautiful things to stitch and so little time to do it? Why am I asking stupid questions instead of showing you my blobs? ;)

Yexian, Stephanie Pui-Man Law, HAED

Tomorrow marks hubby's and my 20th Anniversary. Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday that we were in Malaysia celebrating with friends and family.

"Where does the time go?" That's a question my mom and I often ask in our conversations. It seems to me that the days have been passing by so quickly the last few years. Logically, I know it's impossible, but how is it that the last 16 years after the turn of the millenium flew by in the blink of an eye when the 16 years before it didn't? Is it just me or do you feel the same? Maybe I'm just getting weird in my old age. LOL!

July 12, 2016

IHSW July 2016

I remembered to put this up not at the last minute. Hooray for old age!! LOL!!

Summer has been unbearably hot here in South Florida. I've hardly stepped foot outside unless it's an absolute necessity and there looks to be no end in sight. Although, we are only in the middle of July. Oh well, it bodes well for a hermitting session, that's for sure.

OH!!! Package update!! It has been found! Funny story (after the fact): My friend's mother-in-law, who lives with them, was having a package picked up THE SAME DAY my packaged was dropped at their door step and the UPS guy picked up the wrong package. So, my packaged took a side trip to Oklahoma being making its way back to Michigan. I can laugh about it now. ;)

Not much progress on Yexian. It's been on and off. I bought these Water Erasable Pens from Amazon and they work really well! I might use them to mark stitch counts in the areas to be stitched later but right now the numbers on the sidelines have worked incredibly well. I also gridded by the 100x100 blocks with Sulky Metallic thread.

Let's see what happens this weekend. :) What will you be working on?

July 1, 2016

A New Start, A Lost Package, and A Needed Favor

It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday!!! That fact alone is a source of celebration for me. Couple that with the long upcoming July 4th Weekend and it sends me over the moon. Yes, I'm easy to please. LOL!

The good news first: I started Yexian!! You all know how I hate starts; all that vast expanse of fabric staring at me, taunting me about the daunting task ahead of getting it covered with pretty colors. Not to mention that unstitched fabric is so loosey goosey, no matter how taut I stretch it on the scroll frame. But, enough with the complaining. I got my butt in gear and started with the first color. 215 stitches later, I have a pathetic first pic. No... I didn't count the stitches. The app I use does that for me. Laziness at its finest. ;) Do disregard the gray mess on the left of the stitching. I was trying to mark some stitch count with a mechanical pencil. Needless to say, it didn't work. Ugh! Good thing that will be covered with the mat/frame, so all's well.

On to the bad news, y'all know about the 2 small gifts I sent to my friend and his wife right? Well, I sent it by USPS Priority Mail, followed the tracking, was deliriously happy when I was notified that it's been left on their front porch and then shocked when he texted  me after work to let me know that it wasn't on his porch! I was, and still is, speechless with disbelief. He checked with his neighbors but none of them had it and one of them thought she saw a package on his porch in the early afternoon.  They live in a very safe neighborhood and has never had a package lost. So, we're left with either 1. She was mistaken and the package was delivered incorrectly to another place or 2. It was stolen off his porch. Ugh!!!! I have a ticket started with USPS and they're going to try and see what the can find out. I feel so bad cos I was sending my friend picture updates and he was so excited to receive the package. Fortunately, his wife didn't know about it since hers was supposed to be a surprise. She's been going through a rough time with work and it was meant to cheer her up. So much for that. Arrrrrrrgh!!! I'm still hoping and praying that the package just got mis-sent and will be returned. In the interim, to cheer him up, I told my friend that I could send him high res pics of the framed pieces and he can print them out. :S

Finally, if I could trouble those of you with Facebook accounts for a favor: I'd mentioned a few posts ago about hubby's WW2 Website, When Lions Roared.  Since then, he started a FB page of the same name and I would like to surprise him with as many LIKES as possible. Help me out? :D


When Lions Roared WW2

A shout out to Tiff - Thank you for the links to your great-uncle's story!

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my friends in Canada;

HAPPY JULY 4th WEEKEND to my American friends;

and finally HAPPY WEEKEND everyone!!! ;) ;)
Yexian HAED

June 27, 2016

A Busy Birthday Weekend

Well, had a birthday on Saturday. Didn't do anything out of the ordinary other than the usual chores and teaching. We went out to dinner though... my cousin's parents are visiting from Malaysia and we went to our favorite Syrian restaurant and had a great time.

Friday night, right before dinner, I checked my phone and saw that I had a miss call from Michaels. "Hmm, I wonder if that's them calling to say that Serengeti is ready," I wondered at hubby and called them back. Why, yes, YES IT WAS!!!! Sarah, our framer remembered my offhand remark to hubby  two weeks ago about possibly mounting 4 sets of D-hooks so that we could rotate Serengeti and asked if I'd like for her to do that. How totally sweet was she??! So, after dinner, off we trot to Michaels to pick up our Serengeti Mandala. What a great early birthday gift. :D Without further ado.... ta-daaaaaaah!!! The round mats were hubby's idea and I think it came out fantastic!

It's hanging in its place of honor in the living room -- a spot that's been picked out for two years, *giggle* and for the fun of it, I took a panoramic of our living space as well. :D

Remember those smalls I was stitching as gifts for a friend and his wife? Well, I finished the second one last Friday! YIPPEE!!! I'm so pleased with how cute it turned out. As usual, the particulars:

Quilt Sampler 4 - Cherish by Stoney Creek
Fabric: 28ct Lugana 'Baby Lotion'
Fibers and beads: From stash
Started: June 11th, 2016
Finished: June 24th, 2016

Sunday brought about a busy but enjoyable stitch-related day for me. Hubby helped me pull floss for Yexian (more about this later) and we made a trip to Michaels to find frames for Family Tree and Cherish. They had a nice sale going with BOGO frames and coupled with some 40% off coupons, we walked out with goodies to frame up the following gifts:

Family Tree by My Big Toe Designs
Family Tree by My Big Toe Designs

Quilt Sampler 4 - Cherish by Stoney Creek
Quilt Sampler 4 - Cherish by Stoney Creek

Back to Yexian (pronounced Yeh Hsien), I'd mentioned in a previous post about stitching my dad's memorial piece. Since two of his favorite things were fishing and Tchaikovsky, I narrowed my choices down to Yexian, a painting by Stephanie Pui-Man Law based on a Chinese folklore reminiscent of Cinderella and charted by HAED,  and Chatelaine's Swan Lake. Since I love them both, the decision was left to my mom and she picked the former. So on Sunday, I cut, washed, dried the fabric and page-gridded it. All 88 DMC colors were pulled and this project is ready to go.

HAED, Yexian, Stephanie Pui-Man Law

June 20, 2016

June IHSW Report and Then Some

Ok... so, I had a somewhat major IHSW hiccup this weekend--the good news is I hermitted. All weekend long. The bad news? NO.STITCHING.GOT.DONE. Oopsies poopsies. Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee. But I have a really good excuse though!

Nalini Singh Allegiance of Honor Psy/Changeling
View on Amazon
You see, I used to be a really voracious reader. But as responsibilities and workload increased, I find myself having to choose and alternate between my three hobbies--stitching, gaming, and reading--and you all know how I have blinders on when I have my sights set on one of the first two. As time passed, I've also pretty much narrowed down the books I read to only two series by Nalini Singh. As it happens, the latest novel in her Psy-Changeling series, Allegiance of Honor, was released on the 15th and of course, all 496 pages of it was screaming my name. ;)

Fortunately, I've been good since finishing Serengeti Mandala. There were a couple of smalls I wanted to stitch for some friends and I managed to finish one and nearly finish the other before I got my reading blinders on.

The Particulars:
Family Tree by My Big Toe Designs
Fabric: 28ct Lugana 'Baby Lotion'
Fibers: From stash
Started: June. 6th, 2016
Finished: June 10th, 2016

My Big Toe Designs Family Tree

The as-yet-unfinished small is Quilted with Love- Cherish by Stoney Creek. This is not my usual style but I find it absolutely adorable!!

Quilted With Love Cherish Stoney Creek

I would also like to take the opportunity to answer some questions from 'no-reply bloggers':

How big is it actually ? I thought mandalas were small.
They come in all sizes. This is one of Martina's biggest. 25 7/8 x 25 7/8 on 32ct.

What's next?
After Cherish is finished, I'll start prepping Yexian. More to come on that. Stay tuned. :D

How will you frame it?
Well, one of the first things I did was get a piece of custom cut acid-free foam board so I could mount it. I used my normal pin and board method, but instead of taping the fabric to the back of the board as I've always done, I had to lace Serengeti up since it's so big.

It's now at Michaels. Since my in-laws were visiting, we decided to make use of the custom frame sale and see what we could find. We should have it back this weekend. I'll post a picture of it then. :D

June 17, 2016

June 2016 IHSW

Drats, drats, drats!! I thought it was going to be next week. Thanks for the reminder, Jo!!!! *hugs*

You know what to do!!! LOL!!! (I'm literally posting this on a fly.) I should have 2 finishes to show you come Monday. :D

June 5, 2016

Serengeti Mandala Finished!

It's finally finished!! Whoop, whoop!! This was two years in the making, no thanks to Diablo 3. LOL! Thanks for staying with me through this sporadic journey. ;) I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Particulars:
Serengeti Mandala by Chatelaine (Martina Rosenberg)
Fabric: 32ct Flax Belfast
Kit from
Started: June. 5th, 2014
Stopped: August 18th, 2014
Started again: May, 2015
Stopped: August 16th, 2015
Started yet again: May, 2016
Finished!! June 4th, 2016