February 23, 2015

IHSW and then some

It's amazing how much stuff one can get done when one's head (and other body parts) aren't buried in a game! ;)

I was going to stitch up a storm. We had plans to hunker down for Winter Storm 2015. It was cold, the winds were howling, and everyone was bundled up and ready for a low of 36F and windchill of 20F in South Florida. Oh yeah!!! ;) But then, Saturday came along and what do you know? Mid-70s weather and then BOOM!, low-80s for Sunday. This, of course, meant that I had to take care of and repot some of the orchids, cos this girl ain't gonna do that in mid-80s and higher heat. No sirree bob! (Wow, how did I turn all southern... yanks back.) I'll take some pics of the balcony when a couple more of the orchids start to bloom.

Deco Spirits got started but there's not much to show except for chunks of black here and there:

I also finally decided that it's about time Spring Knotgarden got framed. So, we went to HomeGoods and found a square wall art with white mat for $24.99 and then spent a few hours tearing the thing apart and framing SK into it. I swear they must use some sort of Super Super glue and a monster nail gun when they mass produce these frames! Sine I wasn't keen on a white mat on white fabric, I used dark chocolate ribbon to edge the inner part of the mat to create some visual interest. Not too shabby for less than $30, eh? :D

February 16, 2015

IHSW February 2015

Can it be?? Is it she?? She's on time??? For a dime???? (I know, I know, that last one didn't make sense, but I had to rhyme something with time, LOL!!)

I've been pretty good with stitching over the last few weeks:
- finished Field of Fucks
- stitched Serengeti √
- planned a new start √

Wha, wha, what?? A new start???!! Me?? Has the sky fallen down??!! IKR?????!!!!! (Sheesh, I think I just use up my quota of question marks and exclamation marks for the next two months!! Oh, who am I kidding? That was barely a week's worth, HAH!)

Well, you see, one of my dearest online friends is coming for a visit in May. You know how there are certain people with whom you instantly become fast friends? There's no awkward getting-to-know-you phase, there's no tip-toeing around likes and dislikes, all there is is an instant bonding. Bane (not her real name, LOL) is such a friend and she'll be flying all the way from KY just to see me... even though she hates to fly!

I had been planning on stitching her something for a while now and I think I probably bugged her to death with ideas and links but she finally decided on Mirabilia's Deco Spirits. The fact that she likes this thrilled me to no end since I've always loved this design but never had a reason to stitch it. Well, now I do!!!! :D :D :D And what better time to start it than IHSW?? ;)

With this, Serengeti is going away for a little bit longer, but if you squint real hard and hop around in a triangle, you can almost see the two zebras I was working on last week. :D

On a sidenote, I've started playing Marvel Heroes (DOH!!), but at least it's nowhere as addictive as D3 was. :D

February 9, 2015

A Field of Fucks Finish

It's finished!!! Took me three weeks instead of the intended two, since I was still playing D3 on and off, but WHEEEEE, I got it done and am so pleased with how it turned out!! It's already on its way to my friend, Piffle, and Serengeti is ready to go back on the scroll frame. :D

The Particulars:
Field of Fucks
Fabric: 32ct linen
Floss: DMC
Started January 18th, 2015
Finished: February 8th, 2015