May 13, 2013


I didn't forget this month!! LOL!!! I had every intention of posting earlier today but two back-to-back closings had me running around like a maniac after lunch and I'm finally settling down for the day.

Guess what? I finally put needle to fabric and started Lily of the Valley by Mirabilia. There's not much to see as yet, other than her legs, but I'm hoping to have more done after the weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I'm tied up most of Saturday judging a piano competition. Sunday will see us on a date with the new Star Trek movie, whoot whoot! I'll find some time to hermit and stitch with you guys though.

How about you? Planning a hermitty weekend or crazy one?

May 10, 2013

Friday Random(ness) Afternoon Question

Haven't done one of these in a while. :)

I've been chiseling through my reading list the last few days and have been reading that life has been hectic for us all. I had planned on posting some cute pictures from a dear friend. She had sent these to me after one of my busier days, and this seems to the the perfect occasion!

Have you ever been this tired?

Here's wishing us all a very restful weekend!! :)

May 8, 2013

A Post-.. or is it Pre-IHSW... Post?

I just checked the calendar and guess what? Another IHSW is coming up on us next week! This means that not only did I not stitch for April's IHSW, I haven't posted in three weeks!! Yech! I've thought about it and even had a post formulated in my head with cute pictures that a friend sent me, but nothing saw fruition.

I've been under the weather for the last few days and have used the opportunity to catch up on emails and some blog reading.

On my end, this is what's been going on, in a nutshell...

April's IHSW was a total wash! I didn't put one single stitch in. It was a horrendously busy week with work and all my best stitching intentions went out the window when we went shopping instead. At least 'shopping' starts with an "s." LOL!!

It started with me being too lazy to make lunch and suggested hopping across the street for a lettuce wrap at P.F. Chang's. Well, after lunch, I thought, why not stop at the Coach Outlet? After all, it was practically around the corner! My old bag is starting to fray and I needed a new one with a taller phone pocket. In we went and what do you know?? 50% off bags and 60% off clearance!! Well, really, how's a girl supposed to resist that kind of a sale and walked out with these beauties.

We live across the street from one of the biggest outlet malls in the country but the last time we stopped in was probably two years ago. Since we were there anyway... I mean, walking is good exercise, right?LOL!!

Sunday ended up being a movie day. I can't remember what we watched, but they were really good movies. ;)

Remember when I mentioned I needed a bag with a longer phone pocket? Well, that's cos I finally decided to put my 8 year old cell phone to rest and get an iPhone! With the notary signing job, I needed to be able to access documents on the road. I also needed a laptop and MacBook Air, here I came!!! :D I do love my tech toys. ;)

I did stretch out Lady A, but haven't gotten her framed yet. She's up on the bedroom wall though. I'm thinking of just a simple black frame for her. One of these days, we'll hop in to Michael's and see what we find. In the meantime, this is what she looks like on the wall. What do you guys think?

I managed to put a few stitches into a new pixie. I've started stitching Lily of the Valley for a dear friend, although, you might have to strain to see the stitches in here... LOL!

Whoah, this turned out to be a long post!! Apologies for rambling on! Till next time, lots of hugs from me to you. :D